Aamir Khan wants Salman Khan to earn more money!

The controversy over Salman Khan reportedly asking Yash Raj Films to pay him more than what they were paying Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan has taken an unexpected twist. The rumour was that Salman wanted Rs 1 more for Ek Tha Tiger than what SRK was getting for the as-yet-untitled YRF flick and what Aamir was getting for Dhoom 3. While his rivalry with SRK is well-known, it came as a surprise that he is competing with his good friend Aamir too over money. Fortunately, instead of letting the rumours get to him, birthday boy Aamir decided to laugh it off. Instead, he insisted that Salman deserves to be paid much more than what he (Aamir) is getting. “Why just a rupee? Salman deserves more than that. I wish Salman all the luck and happiness. He is an entertainer in the true sense,” he said.

Aamir also said that on the occasion of his birthday, one of his wishes is to see buddy Salman get married. “Let’s pray for Salman to fall in love and experience the marital bliss soon. We can’t force him though,” he told mediapersons. We are glad at least this friendship is not going to go kaput soon.