Aamir Khan wants to write his autobiography

After Shahrukh Khan, it’s now Aamir Khan’s turn to announce that he would love to write his autobiography. He made this declaration at the launch of a special edition DVD of his latest production, Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai. Aamir made his official debut with Holi in 1984 and since then has donned the hats of an actor, singer, director and producer. As the late producer Tahir Hussain’s son and the celebrated filmmaker Nasir Husain’s nephew, Aamir has been a part of the film industry since his birth. He has also often appeared in gossip columns thanks to his personal life – from denying he was married in the early stages of his career to his divorce and second marriage years later. We are not surprised he now wants to tell his life story from his own perspective. Especially as his rival Shahrukh has already announced that he will be having a 37kg opus on his life out next year. How can Aamir be left behind?

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