AAZAAN movie review: Hollywood style action with a ‘desi’ let down

AAZAAN movie review: Hollywood style action with a ‘desi’ let down

Despite the unconvincing leading man of Prashant Chadha’s espionage thriller, Aazaan is a one-time watch, if only for the action and Candice Boucher, of course! The movie makes a promising start, but the moment Sachiin Joshi arrives on scene, the disconnect begins. A film of this stature needed someone like Hrithik Roshan, who could have delivered the chops, but by any stretch of imagination, one can’t believe that Joshi, who plays the title role can save a jeopardised country. The film takes a lot of creative liberties but the visuals which are almost at par with Hollywood, somehow manage to keep you interested. Dalip Tahil has been criminally wasted and so are the other actors. Ravi Kissen’s dialogue delivery in Hindi is an outdated version, which is not used anymore. Candice Boucher makes a glorified cameo but looks sinfully gorgeous nevertheless. The climax ensures that you will not walk out angry or heavily let down.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anand

    Action Aazaan Khan… That’s the name you can now give to the debutant actor Sachiin Joshi with all the stunts you see him do in the movie Aazaan.Considering Aazaan being his first movie Sachiin has done full justice to the role.Most of the actions sequences from the movie really match Hollywood levels and keep you wanting for more.

    A film well shot with great music what more can you ask for.Overall the movie is a complete surprise package and a must watch for all you guys..

  • mhaseebahmed

    huh..bakwaaas picture…period the guy statd in an interview dat the his horrible cheap mi2 copied movie will give stiff comp to srk .. co’mmon bro get a life..u r acting in dis movie cuz u hv money nd u r father is an guthka barron…soo dats y if u wonder y is he in every second frame den the reason is mentiond abov .. the would hv been gud but his voice .. !! even the gr8 khali sounds and speaks bettr than the hero .. if u wanna want an world tour or sight seeing den dis 1 is for u

  • Menelok

    Yes … the design is clearly needed to be changed :)
    The dark green color would fit perfectly xD