After ‘Rockstar’ success, Ranbir Kapoor hikes fees

After ‘Rockstar’ success, Ranbir Kapoor hikes fees

Rockstar may not have done as well as – 3 Idiots or Bodyguard – at the box-office, but Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance has boosted his market value but it got a very good opening. So trade pundits feel that the next successor of the ‘superstar’ tag has arrived. Critics feel RK junior has talent and charisma that enthrall a large audience which will guarantee better returns on a film. For a very long time only the Khans – Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir – followed by Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan possessed such magnetic powers. As a result, rumour is that the Rockstar actor has doubled his fees from Rs 8 crores to Rs 15 crores. Apparently, the Khans charge close to Rs 30 crores along with profit shares, Ajay and Hrithik command Rs 20 crores per film. That means, if Ranbir continues with the steady growth as a performer and at the box-office he will soon be matching salaries with the top guns!

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  • sushant

    RK dont overeact on the success its just one film and u will never be able to overtake hrithik for the next 13 yrs mind it.u have zero acting skills.

    • kafeel

      the price tag is completely had great opening nd ranbhir acting skills are best in our industry even before he gave solo superhits he is best actor of league

  • sj

    Ranbir is true actor and he has proved it several times…he s unique and his acting in rockstar is incontrovertible..its movie of a lifetime….one shud neva miss it…its obvious for ppl 2 b jealous of the success…its above the standards of bollywood movies….its sets its own standards…the music is really oustanding and its impact is long lasting