Akshay Kumar breaks his promise!

Thu, November 10, 2011 12:46pm IST by

Remember a few days back we told you that Akshay Kumar had vowed to stay off the Queen’s language English and stick to the national language Hindi during his interactions with peers and the press. We all know that he put on the desi act and bragged of his rooted culture and nature just to promote his latest comic caper Desi Boyz. Nonetheless, in our hearts and minds we were glad that Khiladi Kumar finally had mercy on presswallahs and saved them from his butler English. But, according to our little birdie, it turns out that Akshay couldn’t keep his promise even for a day. Khiladi Kumar was spotted gleefully speaking to a section of the media in the foreign language. Not just that, he also happily breaks into English every now and then! So what was all this hullabaloo and press release being sent out about turning desi? Tch tch, things people do to stay in the news…

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  • Raja

    So the paiKhan eating bimbette that wrote this piece of crap should know that to be in news, you low lievs have to write about Akshay! Does Akki need to do things to stay in news? He is a SUPER STAR, morons! To make your presence felt you rats have to make noise on Akki. Get a life and Akki’s English is way better than your crappy reporting style! Stop eating paiKhan for a living and eat food for a change!