Akshay Kumar stops a man from littering the streets

Khiladi Kumar is known for his jaw-dropping stunts and hunky looks, but in real life Akshay Kumar seems to be quite a responsible citizen. Recently, while Akki was caught in Mumbai’s ever-growing traffic, he saw a driver carelessly throwing an empty cigarette-pack on the road. Witnessing this act of street-littering, Akshay immediately got out of his car, picked up the packet and threw it right back at the man’s face. Akshay did not stop there. He went on to post the picture of the incident on a social networking site, urging people to keep the city clean and garbage-free. Desi Boyz actor is now sure that the man would think twice before doing any such act in the future. “Don’t get me wrong, I love this city. But I find it hard to live in when I see people not caring enough about it,” said Akshay in an interview with a newspaper.