Amitabh Bachchan battles sleepless nights in hospital

Amitabh Bachchan has shown signs of improvement, and doctors at the Seven Hills Hospital Friday decided against another surgery on the megastar. But Amitabh says he is spending sleepless nights and recovering only slowly. Unable to doze off at the Seven Hills Hospital, Big B took to Twitter at 4 am to connect with his ‘extended family’. “Have not been able to sleep yet… so I guess you all have to tolerate me for a while,” the 69-year-old megastar wrote. “The body repairs but gradually… what a piece of machinery the Almighty created…incredible! Yes it’s become a routine now to be awake all night almost… best time to think, reminisce, write and contemplate. The doctors have gone home, the family is asleep in adjoining room and the night nurses and sisters are a joy to be with…,” he added.

Following two abdominal surgeries the veteran complained of pain, due to which his stay in the hospital was extended.  But all seems under control now.  Amitabh has chosen to keep his medical condition private, and his family members as well as the hospital authorities have been asked to remain tight-lipped about it. “I refrain from giving greater details of my condition… in the west patient has the right to not disclose – even to family!! I realise anxious members of EF and TwFmXt need to know…whenever there is some important procedure, will inform,” Big B further tweeted.