Anna Hazare makes it to Bollywood

A certain Mr Kumaar Aadarsh has announced a film inspired by Anna’s recent fast and his protest for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal bill. Adarsh who will act, direct and produce the film has strategically titled the film Hazaaron Anna. What’s interesting (apart from the fact that a film has been announced on the social activist!) is that an Australian playwright called Alex Broun will be writing the script. The movie will be set against the back drop of the 13 days struggle of Indian people under the leadership of Anna Hazare against corruption. Here’s the best part though: the makers are going to finish shooting in a month’s time and the plan is to release it in December. Well, we have seen many such low-budget film announcements right after terrorist attacks, high profile murders and blasts, which have never made it. Guess we’ll believe in this one only when we see it make it to the theatres!