Posted Wed, May 16, 2012 10:08am IST

Films that made us cringe, squirm and brought shame to Bollywood

Some films are so bad that it is fun shredding them apart and filmmakers in B-town ensure that we get more than our fair share of these. The biggest stars and the most respected filmmakers flounder every now and then and put us off their work…until their next release, where the chances of winning us over are even-steven. Compiling a list of ten worst films has been a real challenge for us at Bollywoodlife, because so many films deserve a place here. Putting together the Ten Best was also a challenge, because there were only a few that qualified. This list not only has mindless moneyspinners, but also some ‘hatke’ films that lost the plot completely. Would you like to add some of your particular favourites? Go ahead, make our day!