Asha Bhosle is miffed with Sadhna

A rare occurrence in B-town, especially when it comes to veterans, singer Asha Bhosle and actor Sadhna are in a bitter feud, about the singer’s property. A garden has become a bone of contention between them. Sadhana lives as a tenant in Bhosle’s Sangeeta bungalow. Now, Bhosle has filed a complaint with the police against Sadhana for unlawfully claiming possession of the garden outside her house. The singer has also sent a legal notice to Sadhana, who denies unlawful possession of the garden. She instead alleges harassment. “I live on the ground floor besides I have to walk through the garden to enter my house. I am a senior citizen and I will definitely not let anyone to peep into my house on the pretext of measuring the area outside the house.” Asha has claimed that I have stopped her from using the garden but she never stepped into this building ever. Besides, how can I be a trespasser when I been living here as a tenant for 50 years,” asked Sadhana. We just hope the old ladies settle this issue amicably.