Bigg Boss 5: Nihita Biswas’ mother angry at sex question

Mon, October 3, 2011 5:17pm IST by

When TV anchor Mandeep Belvi asked her fellow Bigg Boss 5 inmate Nihita Biswas whether she has consummated her marriage to alleged serial killer Charles Sobhraj, she shocked not only Nihita, but also her mother who was watching the show in Nepal. Shakuntala Thapa, a senior lawyer practising at Nepal’s Supreme Court, said that it was improper for Mandeep to ask Nihita such a personal question without even knowing her. “We have a conservative society in Nepal,” Thapa told IANS. “People don’t ask such questions, especially to people they have known only for 15 minutes. Nihita is young and led a sheltered life. We encouraged her to join the show thinking she would make friends with people from different cultures and broaden her horizon. We didn’t expect such sensationalism or ignorance.” Thapa had agreed to Nihita’s participation as she had liked the contestants on Bigg Boss 4. However, she is upset with Nihita’s competitors in Bigg Boss 5. The only contestants she admires are folk dancer Gulabo Sapera, transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and singer Rageshwari for the way they have overcome tragic difficulties in their lives.

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