BL Awards 2011: Who is the best Khan of 2011?

Posted Wed, December 21, 2011 11:31am IST

Cast your vote below before December 28, 2011

All three Khans rocked Bollywood this year. In the beginning of the year, Aamir Khan played a role like never before in wifey Kiran Rao’s film Dhobi Ghat, and followed it up with his disco act in his production Delhi Belly; Shahrukh Khan got on our nerves with RA.One but won us over in Don 2, and Salman Khan made nonsense seem fun in Ready, Bodyguard and Bigg Boss 5. So who do you think is the best Khan of 2011? Cast your vote below!

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  • nilesh


    • M,hussain

      Shah rukh khan is the besttttttttttt

      • anu


  • Tarek Mahamud

    Salman khan is the best

  • Akash Doshi

    Sallu bhai ke aage sab hud hud dabangg

    • pulkit

      sallu is basically a jhallu.king sirf ek hota hai aur wo srk hai

  • rohit khajuria

    east or west srkk izzz bestt. ….srk izz ready to rock the world again….. real king off bollywood…. infront of srk salmann izzz zeroooooooo

  • firoz khan

    shahrukh is the best because——

    1.he has fewer flops as copmared to salman but he is not as choosy as aamir and the no. of films made’ worked in is always more than aamir.

    2.shah rukh’s performance are always even, smooth and he is able to give average income to his producers not as erratic as that of salman khan’s films.
    3. personal life of shah rukh is also good and inspiring to fo;;w for the youths of india. he is loyal to his wife, never have hot gossips about his relationship, never drinks and drive killing / injuring others on road.
    4. shah rukh never goes to kill back buck against the rule of law.
    5 shahrukh never has broken relationship and in this regards he excells even amitabh.
    7.The india youth, general population, girls/women of all religions all can enjoy films of a very balanced personality. so he is most impressive personality in the hollywood, bollywood and lollywood and all other woods.
    8. yes, 4 films of salman like body guard, dabang have done very good at the box office but the viewrs dont represent all the sober spectators of the india polulation.

    summary—- if we go into the reomote past and current situation in the india cinema, the over all charater of shah rukh khan can defeat, dilip kr,rajesgh khanna,amitabh bachchan, aamir khan, salman khan.

    if any body want to comment on my opinion , you are most welcome

    • salman

      yes, srk is real king

      • aradhana

        no salman is best . tell me wat srk has done fr poors

      • naincy

        srk knw only to maintain his bank balance

  • rony

    sallu all d way

  • Raghunath Pawar

    Best Actor Salman Khan
    Best Of Luck Salu…..

  • Murry

    Salman is the best.he is a good person and a freegoing person who is not arrogant unlike srk who too arrogant and boorstful of himself

  • chand

    salman is best actor in this boolibod country and salman is the real hero salman bhai khuch bhi kar sakta ha any thing salman bhai ko meri taraph se best of luck salmanand ketrina ko meri taraph se again best of luck and salman is the best actor

  • Demonoid

    SRK IS THE KING…who is salgay and gaymir?

  • ShareezaR

    Salman is d best!

  • aish

    sallu the basti pleaser..

  • wangchuk

    you all will not get any thing by putting fule to the fire.useless to fight among yourself.

  • sahil

    salman is bestttttttttttttttttttt khan in bollywood.

  • showkath.y

    srk is the best actor of bollywood and king of bollywood aur chahe kitne bhi salman aur amir aye srk ko best hero banna muskil hi nahi na mumkin hai and great and awesome movie DON-2 great srk don,t worry keep going


    i personally think that salaman khan wil replace shurakhan.i am not the fan of both actor. thise is 100 percent sure

  • Mik

    Alll the way SRK his portrayal of DON was greatttt …Ranbir was gud in Rockstar played a Gud role welll…ritik was ok in ZNMD it was nothing spectacular though,,,Amir hmm ok But its SRK All the way for his fantastic performance in DON 2…And for proof just see the votings …others can Say Blah blah blah about some lallluuuuuuu who is not even can be called as A human he is a criminal who is deserved to be in Jaillllllllll of Monkeyssss

  • sameer

    salman khan is the best hero in the world

  • Wastal

    Agar bollywood mai koi actor hai too woh hai Bollywood ka Badsha SRK……he is the best….

  • Faheem

    King khan isss besttttttttttt………. I am the fan of all the three khan but i think srk is charming & greatest everrrrrr…………..

  • sonny

    SRK is best actor, entertainer and person..
    okay, this man salman has being human charity but SRK once said in interview that he doesn’t give to charity publicly because in Islam, a person should not get credit for giving money to charity as it is their duty..
    I have heard that Salman killed 5 beggars once drunk driving, (he is a criminal and also does not follow his religion).. He killed a rare animal (very sad)..

    SRK is king everywhere even if Salman and Amir is popular in India, SRK is known in America, Europe, Africa etc.. when Salman/Amir makes a film like MNIK or Chak De then i can say they are good.. but personally, no-one can act better than SRK..

  • nf

    salman khan is the best. he is a number 1 actor…

  • rana

    SHAHRUKH KHAN is the best.
    we should not compare the other khan’s with him.

  • muzammil

    am the big fan of aamir khan…. but king of this year is one nd only mr.salamn khan……………

  • Vaibhav

    Ofc its shahrukh khan.
    RA.ONE was alright but don2 was epic.

  • ibtissam

    shahrukh shahrukh shahrukh khan