Can Vidya Balan be the hot and sultry Silk Smitha?

We’ve been fans of Vidya Balan since Parineeta and continued to love her in Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Her really bold act in Ishqiya got our thumbs up. Yet, when we heard she was going to play south siren Silk Smitha in Milan Luthria’s The Dirty Picture, we were hesitant. We still are, actually. Especially, after she claimed that her portrayal of the character is not ashleel (vulgar). Now come on, isn’t that one of the most important aspects of playing the character of sexy siren Silk Smitha? And now after watching the just-released trailer with Vidya, Emraan Hashmi and Naseeruddin Shah, we are left wondering – can Vidya really pull it off? Whenever Silk Smitha wiggled her hips, she sent men swooning into ecstasy and women secretly admiring her boldness. She personified every man’s wet dream and could get even the dullest films to make a profit at the box office – till she committed suicide. That’s when it all came out – her frustration at being viewed as a money-making machine, her need to be much more and her search for true love. Okay, so why are we so doubtful? Vidya put on weight to be in character. She has done some pretty bold stuff in her earlier movies, so this is not completely unfamiliar territory for her. So why are we yet to be convinced? Because Silk Smitha, with her ample bosom and jiggly hips, oozed sex appeal. And even if Vidya develops the first two, we just can’t see her as a sex bomb. But that’s just us. What about you? Tell us!