Deepika Padukone to be brand ambassador of London Olympics 2012?

B-town’s glamorous babe Deepika Padukone has been approached by the International Olympics Board to be their brand ambassador for London Olympics 2012. Deepika is known for her sporting spirit and gorgeous looks. She is the daughter of badminton ace Prakash Padukone and has participated in several state-level badminton matches. So it’s not at all surprising that of all the Bollywood babes, the Olympic board made the offer to Deepika. We hear they believe she is a face that is trusted and loved by a majority of Indians. This is not the first time Deepika has been approached to represent an international sports association, but we hear, this is the first time Deepika is seriously considering the offer. If she accepts, she will be a part of a motivational campaign surrounding London Olympics 2012. Dippy has always said that sports is her first love, so we won’t be surprised if she accepts. Watch this space for the official announcement!


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