Dhanush’s Sachin anthem back on the web!

Dhanush’s fans have a reason to rejoice. His anthem for Sachin Tendulkar is once again freely available for viewing on the web. He tweeted today, “The video is back on you tube guys.thanks to youtube reps who imm looked into d issue and sorted it out :)GOD BLESS” The video had been taken off when its owners cited copyright infringement. The development had saddened Dhanush’s fans who thought they will have to wait to watch it on their television screens. Even Dhanush had tweeted that he was upset. No wonder. With his Kolaveri di taking the nation by storm, there was a lot of excitement when it was first announced that Dhanush would be singing a jingle for a popular health drink brand. Especially when the advertisement will feature brand ambassador Sachin. It was being touted as the next ‘anthem’ from Dhanush for his fans. The coming together of the two superstars generated a lot of excitement in the brand and the advertisement. Naturally when Dhanush tweeted the YouTube link for the video, it got a tremendous response. Within 24 hours, it received half a million hits. That didn’t go down well with certain people, who cited copyright infringement and got the website to take the video off. However, Dhanush and his representatives have managed to sort out the issue and all is well in the world again.

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