Did Govinda assault his brother-in-law?

Govinda’s brother-in-law Parveen Khanna has filed a police complaint against the actor, charging him of abusing, assaulting and threatening to kill him. Govinda and Parveen, who is married to his elder sister Kamini, have not been talking terms for many years now. Parveen was in the process of making a film with the actor in 1996 but it had to be shelved as Govinda refused to give dates. Parveen then took the matter to Indian Motion Pictures’ Producers Association (IMPPA) in Mumbai, accusing Govinda of not fulfilling his commitment. Praveen alleges that at the IMPPA meeting a few days ago, Govinda abused and assaulted him, and even threatened to kill him. A non-cognisable offence has now been registered against Govinda. His secretary though has denied any such allegation saying that the brother-in-law is lying.