Did you like Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’? Tell us!

We always knew that Salman Khan was a huge crowd puller and pleaser, but we never really experienced it firsthand. Until now. While we have been posting a lot of news about the superstar’s new film, Bodyguard, on our site, no one had any problems with it. But as our reviewer sat in the theatre watching the film, she sent us text messages on what it was like, calling it “torture”. We decided to post that on the site and found that people almost instantly started protesting. Your reviewer is not polite, we were told, they are not qualified to review a film whose original version was chosen for an international festival by an Oscar nominee, they said. And we should enjoy a masala movie for what it is and not criticise it, we learned. We like feedback, we enjoy your opinion. So tell us more….

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