Did you like Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’? Tell us!

Did you like Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’? Tell us!

We always knew that Salman Khan was a huge crowd puller and pleaser, but we never really experienced it firsthand. Until now. While we have been posting a lot of news about the superstar’s new film, Bodyguard, on our site, no one had any problems with it. But as our reviewer sat in the theatre watching the film, she sent us text messages on what it was like, calling it “torture”. We decided to post that on the site and found that people almost instantly started protesting. Your reviewer is not polite, we were told, they are not qualified to review a film whose original version was chosen for an international festival by an Oscar nominee, they said. And we should enjoy a masala movie for what it is and not criticise it, we learned. We like feedback, we enjoy your opinion. So tell us more….

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  • Aneesh

    Its a super movie. Salman-Kareena chemistry is very good.Director Siddique has done justice to this film.Songs are above average.Comedy,romance and action sequences are all good.It will be a blockbuster soon.

  • Santosh Kr. Gupta

    a perfect mixture of action, music, comedy but #Bodyguard is essentially a love story at heart.

  • Lovely Singh

    For sure to beat the collection record of all his previous movies.

  • afaq

    brilliant movie all time blockbuster

  • ganesh bhalla

    this movie will be different form the other movies of salman khan like wanted,dabanng,ready and bodyguard is different story from the other, a perfect mixture of action, music, comedy but #Bodyguard is essentially a love story at heart.
    For sure to beat the collection record of all his previous movies.

  • Sourabh

    its imp tht ur critic person realises tht its an Indian movie he is reviewing where emotions plays the most imp role, and when talk abt story and emotions this movie rocks, i am really not sure whether the critic person expected it to be X-men type or somethin…

    The movie is perfect for AAM INDIAN audience like us, who wants masala and character larger then life in a movie more then movie having any practicality…

    for now to ur reviewer i can only say GET WELL SOON,..

  • Andy

    AAB to dekhna parega.. itni burai jo kar di aapne salmab bhai ki..

  • ANIL


  • HoneyKr

    ahh..you dont know how to review a movie.
    Its more like your personal opinion.
    Take my advise and have some experience in this field.
    I seriously dont mean any offense. Hope you will take it in your account. :)

  • clyde rodrigues

    bodyguard is a very good movie why are ull giving negative reports salman bhai rocks

  • krishna

    craaap movie

  • rahul shrivastava

    I love this movie like all other salman’s movie.He is really a new beginning of Bollywod.

  • maulik shah

    this is the best movie ever made in indian cinema….B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L plot..acting bu sallu,bebo..comic by rajat rawail..and support by HAZEL(shes is damn good).ACTION better than DABANNG and the best in BOLLYWOOD…the last 20 min is the mindblowing TWIST…highlyyy recommended…aya re ayaa BODYGUAARD

    • sunita

      yes m agree with u. really salman was too gud in that movie..

  • Sunny

    Guys , Movie is So good !! like Salmaan and kareena on screen , songs Rocks , especially Lovely singh Rocks on screen !! Go Guys watch it …!! Worth watch …!! I love the song ” teri meri ” by rahat fateh ali khan ….

  • abhinav

    go watch out fr bodyguard……………………………awesome movie gr8 acting…….surprising climax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rajesh

    I agree with anjali views, As far as I m concerned they alws criticise Salman Bhai and give poor comments to his movies like TERE NAAM, WANTED, DABANG and this time BODYGOURD. But people knws that all the films are awesome and a very big blockbuster in the history of cinema.

    So I request you to all the people, not only in India but internationally please watch the movie with your family. Salman bhai gud lucks to ur another blockbuster movie and for ur health & get well soon. We all love you so much.

  • vedant

    what review? did u think that we go to watch film after u give review? to aab ye to aapki bahut badi galti hai kyunki salman ki film tum sab ke review se upar hoti hai isliye hum tumhare review sirf dekhte hi hai uspe dyan nahi dete aur salman ki film dekhne chale jaate hai ek baar nahi baar- baar

    guysssssss salman rock in this film, go n watch the film don’t west your time in such a this type of review never read review for salman’s film

    just go n enjoy the film ne tell to others that film is superb n please go n watch the film named “BODYGUARD”

  • vijith

    I like bodygaurd very much…..sallu bhayya rokssssss
    wot a performance! Suparna Thombare, did u watch bodygaurd? hmmm……apna sallu bhayya sabka bap hai..!

  • sakshi

    awsome movie sallu very nice i saw at first day of opening.
    i want to see again and again. kareena also looking very nice and both copule looking hot

  • Anil Chauhan

    i like this movie……………….hit h boss………………………..GO FOR IT,…………..




    SAL-MAN-KHAN looking like real bodyguard.really i want like that bodyguard(SALMAN KHAN)in my life.


    well well,woh bura comment denewale sab bakwas gadhe hain….BODYGUARD movie rocks frnds.there’s everything in this movie…this should be an all time blockbuster…!!1

  • B,yogesh

    mvie is awsum nd it has everythng…go nd watch it

  • salman bin saber

    I am very big fan of sallu bhai n i like his acting. And i like his personality and his movie (BODYGUARD) is awesome in that film they all actors had did very nice acting and i like that son of sallu bhai in bodyguard but like this film i had ever seen. sallu bhai rockssssss..
    for this awesome film….


    kaun gadha bol raha hai bodyguard acha nahi hai it’s a awesome movie n we can’t find this type of movie regularly just go n wath the great movie of SALLU BHAI

    • istiyqk

      u r rite bro …. the people who dont like the movie i think unko movie dekhna hi nahi atea …………. salman bhai rocked the bolleywood and inshallah he will break all the records till date..

  • vishal singh

    bodyguard is rock i think his collection is near 500 cr….

  • mohammedasif

    bodyguard rockkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    salmankhan rockkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    movie . salman khan is superstar ………

  • rashmiranjans

    Salman bhai…..u just rockssssssss
    i just love ur moiveeeee……

  • Nilesh Jha

    It is a superb film!

  • istiyqk

    ofcourse i loved the movie salman bhhai is rock star ……….he is a number one fan following around the world … i watched the movie first day first show after my eid namz

  • ronak

    kaminey hai zoom wale…., ye log SRK ki flop movie a66i he aisa bolte hai…………..
    or sallu ki movie kitni bhi achhi hogi flop hi bolege…. bade aaye review dene wale… jaao muh dhoke aao…

  • rrockstar

    superb…. no more wordz.

  • Nadz

    yes sallu rocks

  • jafar hussain

    salman khan toh film industry ka pehla mard hai
    and coming to bodygaurd he deserves it

  • sahil

    its a nice movie..we don’t worry about criticisers

  • Shekhar

    Your reviewer is idiot no.1. Wow, I made a good title for a movie in which your reviewer can play main role of an idiot.

    I don’t understand why you appoint such idiots and then take their opinions.

    Better is not to keep reviewers. The movie speaks for itself.

  • zaheer

    u all of u go to hell and ur critics superb movie excellent breaks all records

  • akhilesh

    yes ,bodyguard is mast movie.go and enjoy dude

  • varun jain

    ya this is a rocking movie & it is again an superhit movie of salman khan. and yes i agree with all that ur critics is horrible.

  • vijay

    super movie…………………
    slaman rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • thanzil ahmed

    salman khan suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper in bodyguard.
    never seen bollywood movies in like that action .
    100%love story ,tottal mixmovie i like so much thks salman khan

  • Ahraf

    awesome movie!!!

  • jaweriawarriach

    salman so handsome and cute

  • jaweriawarriach

    salman so handsome and cute
    and v osome movie

  • Neel

    It is a superb film and with Salman in the lead it was bound to be a cracker film, have a speedy recovery Salman Bhai :D

  • kamalgrew

    I am very big fan of sallu bhai ilike her acting sallu bhai rockstar haa iam like her film bodyguard song and movie thank you salman khan

  • Salman

    I personally like Salman , but for god sake dont tell me that these many people liked Bodygaurd ,Apart from the hype and moolah nothing was there . in UAE opening was humangous but the people were literaly crying because of the same old stuff from Sallu . He is a heart throb of millions and should be responsible in giving good movies and not craps like body gaurd . Anyway i pray that atleast Ek tha tiger to be released next year will do some justice to the stars calibre. .

  • rhea

    Yes seriously … Bodygaurd is not worth it …Boring movie .. but Salman was good …

  • sarfaraz shaikh

    its nothing is der in dis movie to remember . its disaster .. bakwas movie …no one will like dis movie if he is filmy …

  • avi

    bakwas movie…… so boring…..he is not forgetting his chulbul pandey style, yaar try to act well salman, the ending was kuch kuch hota hai type…..i will give -1 out of 5.

    • Rehana Gauri

      He is following the foot steps of Govinda.

      • iimtiaz

        I love you very much salman khan i like movie bodyguard best and very happy salman khan god bless

  • pratik

    i give 4 out of 5, owsome movie. nice salman

  • bhaishah

    nice try………
    better luck next time



  • Pooja

    really salman i like ur bodyguard n body also n i m watch ur all movies salman when i saw only bodyguard promo that time told to my my it is superhit movie.

    • atulverma

      you are a very cragy girl

  • atulverma

    i am very cragy man i also liked salman khan

  • atulverma


  • syed khaja

    the movies awesome nobody is like salman khan in this world a love all songs in this movie but love i love one song very much that teri meri perm khani ki

    i m big fan of salman khan

  • amit kumar

    I really enjoyed the movie nd its really so good.and the salman is looking gergious with his six pack ,i m a great fan of salman ……………………nd i am waitinng for EK THA TIGER

  • soubhikghosh

    what an awesome movie…. friends .. go & watch it out… best film of the year…….

  • Sreetama

    The primary reason to go for a movie is to get entertained….and not to involve much brains in it. Bodyguard serves that purpose really well.Its Salman Khan after all! And well the story could have been different if only it wasnt a remake! Its a movie to sit and enjoy! I found it worth it!

  • Amasch

    To be honest, I am a great movie buff. I like watching movies and get entertained. Dabang was great and so was Wanted but Bodyguard is nowhere close to it. I am a Salman Khan fan but I would not want to cheer him for things that are not worth it. That way he won’t learn the fact that fans ultimately look out for quality movies. Once, twice and thrice they might get along with his crappy movies such as Bodyguard and Ready but not for long. He keeps doing this, time is not far when he will once again be a flop actor. He surely has the looks and attitude to entertain his fans but he needs to learn that the content of the movie should be good too. The recent hits such as 3 Idiots, MNIK, Dabang were movies we were proud of being a part of bollywood. But, Bodyguard is a mere disappointment and nothing else.

    • Naseer

      Well i agree with most of wat u said here!!! But in the case of MNIK i wud say it was a waste of money and time!!! Im not at all proud of the film!!!

      • Amasch

        MNIK was an okay movie for me. It was not entertaining but the message was good at least. Om Shanti OM was truly a disaster and so is Bodyguard. These are the films where actors just try to cash out.

  • Venkatesh

    Its a Good movie with lots of suspense in the climax
    once again he has given a good movie and made hat trick in the box office
    definitely a watch able Film


    superhit movie

    • jignesh

      what else

  • poxy

    YES , super hit.. i love saluu………

  • poxy

    yes, bodyguard is really nice movie.

  • Arsh

    Well salman is a rock star of bolly wood no doubt about it. He is a nice human being too.I give 4.5 out of 5. Salman always entertain. I read some critics and should mention that tere naam salman khan act very well and very well from my name is khan. Why critics not mention. He worked on aids movie without any fee. Why they didn’t mention. One thing more that critics like move the girl in yellow boot. Please tell us this kind of movie can watch with family. Shame on critics.salman bhai well don. We didn’t seen even kissing scenes in salman bhai’s movie. Shame on critics.

    • sher

      also mention these
      ramming vehicle on poor people on road side in booze, hunting protected chinkaras, exploiting personal relation to bring actors on stage shows at lower fees

  • ss

    Bodyguard is a very nice movie.

  • manpreet

    salman khan is a rockstar.his movie bodyguard was awesome just like him i also liked kareena’s acting…we all love him so u dare not speak against him…

  • fakhar

    l hate this movie bodyguard

  • ninja

    very very good movie ,.,another atbb :)

  • Amir

    Total waste of money! Avoidable movie.
    except 10 mins of laughter, its a total waste of time and money.

    Watch Dabaang once more instead!

  • Mostafijur rahaman

    Bodyguard movie very very v v v good movie .any body can watch 4or 5 times this movie very nice movie…..and u can watch this movie all family together…..Salman khan is rockstar…..

  • yash


  • Yash

    How CAn anyone love this Movie!! CRAP

  • bipin

    no…total bakwas

  • harish

    yes i like it…very much

  • ShaSha

    No i didnt like it that much! The story was not that appealing you know? You would not want to watch that movie for a second time! When i was watching the movie,i can hear people in the front row saying “Mein Bore Ho chuka hoon” haha! :P I expect a lot of salman! And This is just Not what i expected! Songs were goood! But the movie was not! The reason that it is hit at the BOX OFFICE is the fans of salman! Not becux of the movie!

  • ankur

    for us salman is of billion bucks.when it come to to his movie it was awsome his attitutude and his style make his movie so big hit

  • Mamatha

    Bodyguard is a terrific movie! Salman as always is the best!!!

  • Saad Khan

    yesterday i watched bodyguard..i really enjoyed it.
    1. Suspense was awesome..
    2. Chemistry was Fabulous..
    3. Songs are really nice..
    4. In Action Salman proves himself many times..
    5. Story is well written..
    if u think i am wrong then just see collections of film

    i think the one who was saying that movie was torture just write another article on unrealistic films like Rab ne bana di jodi…

  • avishek

    not at all..this is same story with stupid plots..how this type of movies are making such good business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jet titung

    Iloved all salman’s movie.BODYGURD IS SO BEAUTIFUL MOVIE.God bless you salman sir,,,

  • GK

    Highly entertaining – good mix of masala.
    Good music.
    Awesome fight sequences.
    Nice suspense at the end.

    Enjoyed it.

  • tiana

    I like salman but I’m afraid if he keeps doing these kind of movies and fans just watch them because salman is in them the level of his work will drop:(

  • md mehfuz

    hiiiiiiiii my name is md mehfuz & im a body buildar on karnatka bijapur city & im 2 time univercity blue & 2 time state level chipion

  • basha


  • sameer

    Really bodyguard film story and film is Dabba i don like thise film.only is film running resone film release i Eid time and ganesh festivel and no more film release in thise time thats the big resun butfilm board desstion is flop film

  • rosy

    yes ofcourse i like it

  • rosy

    koi shak???????????

  • M.rahaman

    Those are taking bodyguard not good movie .then which type movie they are want like ..chuma chate..Hollywood like that .this movie is most entertainer and family movie…bodyguard is very very very nice movie…Salman khan rocksstar……

    • rohit

      movie mein story bi to hona chahiye ,bas south ka masala uthaye aur bana diye

    • Prashant

      Dabba, scrap or you could name any thing for such moovie

  • rohit

    i bet if bodygaurd was released in diwali it would be superflpo ,no movies realeased in eid “body gaurd 1st half is dabba, same was ready”,these tow movies were nothin in front of dabbang ,only reason public is watchin it because of lack of faimly movies

    • Prashant

      I completely agreeeeeeee

  • rohit

    i bet if bodygaurd was released in diwali it would be superflop ,no movies realeased in eid “body gaurd 1st half is dabba, same was ready”,these two movies were nothin in front of dabbang ,only reason public is watchin it because of lack of faimly movies,

  • monu

    the movie was waste of time,salman shocked the public this EID from BODYGAURD…bad story,bad action,action was looking like aminated,songs are good…

  • priya

    it was good..not like dabangg but still good family entertainment
    and what else to see when salman does his cute smiles and eye catchers…
    nice family entertainment
    no need to analyse a story

  • raghav

    bodyguard is a boring movie…………

  • umer01

    ofcourse its obvious

  • laxuman

    ofcourse why not

  • anand thokchom

    i like bodyguard film,god bless u salman bhai and this is the most interesting film in my life,while ur romance acting and handsome style,

    • Prashant

      have u really watched the moovie??????? God plz help

  • sonali gautam

    Bodyguard was an awesome movie…I just wish salman played a little more football in that brilliant song ” I love you” and then probably could have seen sallu bhai’s football skill as well….i loved that part so much that i actually put the picture as my vidfootie profile picture…Love u salman bhai!!!

  • indra

    It’s very sad that for last few yrs, probably after the success of Ghajini there’s rush of remaking south Indian movies and also their style. It’s too bad that a trash like Bodyguard became huge hit and it will inspire a lot of filmmakers to make more trash . Come on guys..where’r your senses!!!

    • mukesh

      who cares its aremake or what ever you call it. Cinema Has to do with Entertainment if you did nt enjoy go to hell, dont talk about remake.Everyone need fun and entertainment is what a film has to judged on.

  • prashant

    I really found the moovie body guard absolute scrap and irritating. How such bogus film got success. really good cinema is dying.

  • aarti

    there should be mature cinema.

  • ishfaq

    yes i love the sallu khan movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………….


    great sallu khan keep it upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp……..

  • ratul

    grow up INDIA….. bodyguard is the worst movie of salman in recent times……no sense no logic..nd moreover copycat of DDLJ and kuch kuch hota hai…….its a shame to copy a blockbuster in such a disgusting manner……u can support any1 u like bt nt this way…….total bakwas picture………whatever be the box office collection…….it may break 3 idiots and my name is khan’s record but the truth wl b 3 idiots and my name is khan wl always be the most loved ones………..sorry salman fans……..not this time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • shak

      Its amazing how SALMAN fans are only bothered about his movies and dont bad mouth other khans films and other actor fans get insecured.

      Point noted BODYGUARD is good masala film and not as good as wanted, dabaang or for that matter ready.

      But in no way shape or form its like kuch kuch hota hai or DDLJ…………..are u guys blind or what.KKHH is my fave film and seen it number of times what bit did u find similar its just insane………………….

      just cos girl wits for hero which 50% hindi film story line has doesnt make acopy.

      if u want to dish a film atleast put solid logic………..

      Till then as always salman fans will spread happy vibe n celebrate the hit……:)

  • aps

    maha bakwaas movie…baseless….fighting and reasons to fight are introduced just to make sure the name of the movie “Bodygaurd” makes sense….the strangest thing is movie became the biggest hit…Jai ho bharat ki janta…

  • santosh paudel

    bakwas movie. Copy of kkhh and ddlj. N no powerful story

  • Fazaad

    Salman bhai,I love this movie.Its a great one for you,Kareena and the entire team of BODYGUARD.
    Keep up the good work.Salaam, Salman.

  • Aslam

    After READY ..another bad acted movie..

  • samb

    sari dunia ek taraf salman khan ek taraf..jo bhi movie mai salman hoga wo super hit apne ap hojaega……..salman mania continues……

  • Nalina

    Salman has acted well and kareena is OK, Songs are picturised well, horrible climax no sense in it. it is good entertainment film but cannot break record movies like 3 idiots , it has broken only because of media hype and advertising.

    • asad


  • dinesh

    salluuuuuuuuuuuuu is acted awsome and kareena toooooooooooo

  • umer01

    well anyone would like it why not

  • sayed

    It is a awesome movie with awesome story.kareena & salman both act very nice.After tere naam it has best story in a salman khan movie.Every movie will be make with different story,it’s story is good as 3idiot ,tere naam ,or dabang .salman has acted awesome here………………….

  • asad


  • aman khan

    biggest flop movie :-(

  • Vijay sankpal.

    the world’s floppiest movie ever been made only in salman’s production/movies.
    he is copying superstar rajinikanth’s style,action,dialouges style.
    get well soon salman.

  • carlos from US

    one of the best movie and even able to beat some hollywood movie too..The lead actor in the ‘Bodyguard’ looks awesome and the way he dance and fight is unbelievable…
    4.5 stars out of 5…

  • jerry

    is there any other good movie by him (salman khan). can somebody please recommend some of his good films?

  • vishnu

    Bore picture
    Compare to singham its a dull movie.
    Singham is best.

  • ades

    ghantaaaaaaaaaaaa movieeeeeee

  • santosh kumar

    salman rocks in the bodyguard i think bodyguard will be best moovie in this year A sweat and beautiful love story and kareena and salman pairing is also sooo good i love this moovie and watched 3 times

  • Abdullah Quresh

    I always love to see Salman’s movie. Salman Khan is super hero & human being. No one can touch his image. He is the perfect hero in the Indian Film Industry.

  • SilentChaos

    It was no DDLJ or KKHH….but probably that was the beauty of BG ( who wants to watch a lengthy movie nowadays ?)..Less drama ….no elaborate stories!…the pace was perfect….all d charcters were lovely, story was simple & relatable..The movie was over before we had enough….and surprise surprise! we wanted more!!z…Songs were beautiful 2..
    Above all Salman khan as ‘Lovely Singh’ won evry1′s heart….by projecting
    such a sweet & macho image tht it may have come close to many girls’
    & boys’ idea of a perfect person ;)

  • azam khan

    i like bodyguard
    i like salmankhan
    bhai aap ki ek tha tiger
    ko bhot time hai
    mai dehne ke liye tadap raha ho
    aap ki film ko itna time le te ho

  • rahul

    Sallus best movie….awesome climax…

  • anirban

    I consider myself very unfortunate to witness this dumb copy of a dumbest south indian film, which is absolutely disaster. I pity for all indians who deprived of good films so that it became such a great hit. This rises serious doubt of people’s sane and stable mental state.

  • singh

    I really want to interview your reviewer who text you saying that it was a torture watching BG. Yeah, I do respect her opinion but what baffles me is the use of the word ‘TORTURE’,which is nothing but personal. May be your reviewer is too naive to review films. I have liked so many movies which others have not liked . If I am someone who likes adultery I would definitely enjoy watching movies of this genre and would signal a thumps up, but I know for sure that I am at risk liking this kind of movie and that is personal,whether ppl like it or not I don’t care as long as I like it,I am ready to give 5 stars out of 5. Basically, reviewing a film would mean having a hunch of how the audience(aam junta) would react and how it would fare at the box office. That’s why people have gone to see BG despite the ratings you have given and ultimately, you will be the loser cos next time ppl would not even care what u write. So eventually, she has done a very good job in making movie reviews irrelevant especially Salman’s movies. Salman’s movies do not need any reviews . Look at the box office earnings that might have given a thoughtful of ideas on reviewing his films. Thank you.

  • Sharad

    Sallu bhai was great. Bodyguard was owesome, and alwase sallu. Bhai ek request hain pls agli film ek tha tiger jeldi relese kardo na. Bhai your real bodyguard shera was my best bodyguard. Bhai muzper ek ehesan karna ke muzko ek bar zarur milna.

  • vamsikrishna

    this body guard is salman”s one of the blockbuster iever seen excellent story morvolous climax , can u give me the address of that reviewer who text that the film was “torture” iwill taste torture to him tell him/she to dont post this type of text about sallu bhai films {tellthem takecare} once again “congrats sallu bhai enjoy success of bodyguard”

  • sonia

    it was awsome….. salmans acting made me cry….. simply superb…make more such mo

  • Nidhi

    the fighting scenes were exaggerated. Storyline was not good. You could just hear few good songs….. I liked Tsunami Singh only…..

  • sanjeeb mohanty

    i always like salman………………..but in bodyguard……….he is just superb…………sallu bhai jindabad

  • Pooja

    Im not a fan of Salman, I did not like it. Salman overacts, when he emotes is over acting and it is silly. And the fight scenes, again over acting. I would rather seen SRK Ra One and Don 2 and Speedy Singhs, And anything with Hrithik, and SRK,those 2 men are the true Bollywood heros.

    • Amit

      SRK is the badshah of over-acting, ask any gallee-ya-nookad.

      Hritik is just gloss and body … in fact, sallu was kind enough to teach him acting … uske papa ko pucchooo.

  • angel

    Salman’s bodyguard is a fantastic movie…….just love it… great songs……great story……..very touching end……. love u salman….u’re simply the best…….

  • Syed Furquan

    Its a Blockbuster movie……..
    fantastic sallu go ahead………..

  • asif

    heah sure i like the movie because sallu gives a fantastic job KAYA BAAT KAYA BAAT hai na
    Hatrick khan

  • Mohammad shahzad

    I like bodygurad despite of all controversy about it story
    we know salman a big star and people like a lot so really want salman to play good role

  • Abhilash

    I really liked the movie, salman has done justice to his role & kareena looks good in the movie. Songs r superb.. Salman is a Super Star of Bollywood…

  • ratul


  • roushan singh


  • atif noman

    super hit

  • sara khan

    Salmans worth to watch not kareena kapoor she can’t act like her sister even though she looks older than her sister salmans acting was ok not bad as mr kareena kapoor she just love to get half naked ugly tramp with an ugly body shape why didn’t the director approuch katrina kaif instead of that ugly thing
    I think because kareena it could get flop but because of salmans acting I think it could be just average hit not something different to watch its like the same old love film so it was much better to watch mere brother ki dulhan there is something different about this film

  • rayna

    Its true that salman was much better in acting and looks wise so his done good like his hit films but I can’t stand that ugly man in the film mr kareena kapoor she’s allways look nasty she might be thinking she’s done all the job

  • aakif

    yes i lik……..

  • dhiraj bakshi

    we have seen a string of master works on the silver screen,while there are some artists who are able to relate their life story to real life character of a
    layman others feign ignorance of that man just to get on with the show.Kareena,i feel with the help of her family should be able to grapple with reality and come to valid conclusions,so all the best.

  • Amit

    We just like sallu mia … we want him to succeed and are Ready to make his any flop film a SUPERHIT, just because of sallu. period.

  • aiswarya

    no not at all..crappiest movie eva made….
    Salman z too much repitative.c’mon man try something new

  • kanchan

    yes i like coz of salman & kareena

  • tim


  • Sakiat Boss

    Why not ! Bodyguard is marvelous masala movie. I cant wait to see it another time. . . .its the decade movie

  • mohammed nasir

    i m really enjoy this movie…….

  • chubbie cheeks

    i simply loved d movie…gosh d last scene was emo…i cried a lot…LOL…i njoyd all d songs…i simply love d track “i love u” nd wish my boyfrend 2sing dis 4me…heheheh !!!!

  • Divyajeet Chauhan

    I cried a lot thinking why did i came to the theatre. Seriously if you have movie sense then you will sleep in the movie. baaki rickshawwale to 3 saal se kuch bhi pasand kar lete hai like Dabangg, ready etc. they will praise it unnecesarily. Salman cannot act. Emotional Scenes are not his cup of tea. When kareena asks him he overacts a lot.

    • being sanju

      Dear Mr. Chauhan if you are not a Salman fan then don’t watch Salman’s movies, because he himself accepted that the part in the film making he hates is acting, he never declares that he is the king or badsha of bollywood like the other one but recent box office shows the difference.
      And for your kind information we the Salman fans watch Salman’s movie just to see the Salman’s attitude because we know the movie will be a complete entertainer and paisa wasool.
      My humble request to you that you don’t watch “Ek Tha Tiger” because it won’t be your cup of tea but still the movie will break all the records. Records are made to be broken but the real box office superhero is breaking his own recods.








  • rajesh

    salman is all time blockbuster hero.have any hero in indian cinema who have one by one three blockbuster film.
    we all love salman khan.

  • zakir

    Divyajeet Chauhan tum SRK ke spoons ho…………..we hope you always cry……………….coz you are best faltu,kutaa in the world……….sala teri ma keeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • anita

    bodyguard is such amazing movie salman bhai always rocksssssss he is dabbang of bollywood………..

  • ahmed

    its was very heart touching romantic love story.Salman khan is really an actor

  • arvind jhawar

    A vry heart touching movie……..vry nic…..n who the hell is sayin it a torture……thn 100%…vo khud hi duniya pe torture ha…..

  • MD

    Of Course we liked the movie! It was simply mind-blowing!

  • sowmith

    movie is superb it was highly interesting with comedy toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………………………

  • honey

    i like bodyguard movie i see 5 times…….. sallu alwayz rocks

  • Syed farhat

    i hate bodyguard……

    • pravin

      to mat rakh bodyguard akela gum..vese bhi tuje koi nahi marega

  • m usman

    yes we like salman bhai becouse he is number 1 actor in whole world and salamn bhai is best human being. ilove u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much salman bhai. our pyar and all best wishes with u all the time. Allah bless u.

  • m usman

    yes we like salman bhai becouse he is number 1 actor in whole world and salamn bhai is best human being. ilove u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much salman bhai. our pyar and all best wishes with u all the time. Allah bless u. bodygourd movie osam and heart touching movie.

  • Naveed

    Salman Jesa great Actor bollywood me he hi nhi, Agr wo ye kehta he ke He is not a Actor to ye to us ka reality he ke wo Khud Moo Se miyan Mithu nhi Banta Doosary actors ki Trah Jo Apni Tareef Aap Hi Krty Hain ShahRukh Jesy All Time Copy Actor Ki Trah…Acting kia Sirf is koo hi kehty hain ke Bakri jesi Awaaz Nikaal kr Hr Flim Me Aik Jesy expression dekr Chaaploosi se Award Haasil Kr Ke Actor Ban Gaye Mujhy to Sharam Aati He Bollywood Critics pr Un Ko To Doob kr Majana Chahiye ke jo us Over rated And Over acted Bandy ki Hr Flim Ki Tareef Krty Hain.. Salman jesy genion Actor ki Movie Criticize Krty hain Lekn Awaam Salman Ki Movies Pasand kr un ke Moo Pe Thook ke Bata Deti He Tum Acchy Critic Ho…..

  • chandra neupaney

    Movie was so awesome and brilliant performance by salman khan and also by kareena kapoor. blockbuster all over world.

  • Sandeep

    Yes Absolutely… Its a fantastic movie… Sallu is the greatest :)

  • tanuj

    total paisa vasool…..not stars.planet for bodyguard……sallu u rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • KP

    hahahahaha!! reading d comments n just laughing! bodyguard me salman ne ACTING kiya kya?? cartoon tha CARTOON! i dnt understand y yahoo even gave it 0.25*! Salman learn acting from ranbir,srk ,ajay, hritik etc…

    • pravinprajapati

      oyyye kp pata nahi chalta…picture dekh ke aaya phir bhi pata nahi chalama..chhod tere bas ki baaat nai he…tu nahi samaj payega..tuje to ladkivala hero pasand oga srk ranbeer

    • Manmmohan

      You Bloody idiot, I know you are Shahrukh dog thats why calling these stupid statement.

    • Dan

      Abhe gadhe chup baith. SRK ka bhadwe

    • being sanju

      Agar tu Salman ka fan nahi hai to uski movie mat dekh! Tu agar movie dekhne nahi jata tab bhi yeh ek block buster movie hota. Movie kuch 21crore ka business kiya tha opening day mein! Kaise? Explain KP…..

  • pravin prajapati

    hi …salman’s bodygaurd..great movie…but acting is so ggod..but last 15 mnts…there is very emotinal scene and…background muisc very well..himesh rocks wth salman khan….no1 hero salman khan.

  • manmohan

    Great movie. Nobody beat salman..Critics are all mad..

  • abdul

    dal ka maza thangar ko kya malum,salman khan is a great actor he is an real actor he do romantic,thirler,comedy,action.etc.. he is real an actor.

  • hameed

    yes, i liked very much

  • arun

    no not at all!!!!! totatly bakwas movie!!!!!!faltu

  • Ayesha

    your bakwas sala. Shuttupp. you dont know a good movie when you see it..keep your negative comments to yourself.!!!!

  • Luckwins

    loved it. Salman was amazing and the songs are beautiful. Will watch it again!

  • prashant

    wonderful movie gr8 luv story….

  • sayeed

    yes i saw the movie and its a great movie

  • Tisha

    You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion eevryhewre!

  • Rick Basu

    The script was thikthak.But it is not a bollywood flim.its like a tollywood flim.its not a grate movie.

  • santosh

    ek chhoti c swt.luv story hai.bahut mazza aaya aur action to fadu tha hi superhit……

  • 12345

    abe c*****p movie thi..I want my 60 rs BAK !!!!!

  • shreesha

    ya i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly like the movie bodyguARD

  • Sajjad

    Awesome movie…Salman is the best

  • Carrieann

    I told my granmdotehr how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  • Sam

    Loved Bodyguard. Salman’s character was so sweet and he looked really well toned…Kareena and him looked really nice together too..the songs were good especially teri meri – still can’t get that out of my head :) the storyline was good too – completely shocked me!! love those unpredictable kind of movies which have become very rare in Bollywood. Every movie nowadays has the same story with different actors…so give this 10/10

  • polly

    loved the movie bodyguard, Salman was very entertaining in the movie.

  • sweety

    awesome movie

  • kajjal Dasar

    i love salman ji, his acting, dancing i love him very much…..i hope so once he comes infront of me i think i will feel happy…..

    • kajjal Dasar

      ioved bodyguard….

  • sunil

    yes i like this movie . action as well as story .

  • sunil

    why srk doing monkey dance ?
    is RA>ONe monkey ? man ….

    copy past …….
    not looking good because his personality not like superhero .

    superhero look like akshay kumar . salman khan , ajay .

  • anisha

    yaa its nice movie , specially Music .. great songs … love all the songs

  • mohd

    yes i like very much

  • Anisa

    Loooooooooved the film.Watched it 4x….Clean family film with beautiful story line…Salman was too good!

  • sunil kar

    It is just asilly remake of original movie and this is anew trend for salman khan to crack box office.

  • Haris Khan

    Awesomeeee Movie… Lovely Chulbul Pandey Always Rocks…

  • sunil

    yes meri jan .

    Did you like your girlfriend ? for you page maker

  • being sanju

    bodyguard still rules……………

  • ellyka

    I think salman khan was very good in bodygurd film his body is very awsom but kareena is very better than salman khan in bodygurd film.but i love both of them.

  • Rajina

    The story of bodyguard is awesome.salman & kareena was looking tooooooooooo good…

  • ujjal(Bangladesh)

    awesome movie, Salman khan is great.He is real king of Bollywood.

  • Jayesh

    Faltu bakwas.wese bhi movie actor ki hoti hai gayfan se chhalnevale gay ki nahi.what about his gf?why all gf left him?tell me in which movie lastly he act?hum dil de sanam.otherwise all his movie is just lik kat item movie

  • Bushra

    Salman Khan was Brilliant in Bodyguard & no one could have done a better job than Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor in the roles.



  • ashish kumar

    hi all i m ashish and i would like to inform you inthe bollywood industry there is nobody who can beat salman,s movies record like now bodyguard has also proved to that and has broken all the record in the bollywood industry salman only salman .very …………….well done salman keep it up.and also we are waitng for your next movie

  • raasheed

    sallu bhai movie’s not worst but he only one man break
    the record’s all over the world kya bath hai sallu bhai

  • Trade Adarsh

    This forum is an open invitation for jealous and insecure AS$RG@y fans & employees to criticize a movie, which they didn’t even watch. Judging by the movies success, they are just a handful in number, that is what scares them the most, despite having Anupama aunty working for them.

  • Anil Kumar

    East or West
    SALLU BHAI is alwayszzzzzz the BEST

  • ajay

    its a great movie

  • fakhruddinkhan

    kuch khas nahi

  • priyanka

    The only best part of the movie is love song Teri meri prem kahani, otherwise movie full bakwaas.

  • Kingshah

    Salman is a biggest superstar.its enough for paisa vasool . . and ye media walon ko salman khan paisy nhe phenkta jo ye uski film k negative review dety hn . . salman ko as a bodyguard hollywood ne praise kia lekn critics and award shows waly salman se jealous hn . . lekn bodyguard is a blockbuster and highest grosser movie ever