Hacker uses Mahesh Bhatt to abuse Kamaal R Khan, Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey

Mahesh Bhatt’s decision to cast Sunny Leone in Jism 2 has not gone down well with one hacker. The producer-director’s Twitter account @MaheshNBhatt was hacked into today and abuses sent to Kamaal R Khan, Sunny and Poonam Pandey! His tweet calling the three of them a really harsh expletive surprised everyone who knew the filmmaker. Mahesh is known for calling a spade a spade, but never for resorting to expletives to put his point across. So it came as a real shock to his 1.5 million followers when they saw a tweet from his account insulting not only KRK but his own Jism 2 heroine Sunny. However, Mahesh clarified two hours later that his account has been hacked into and he did not tweet any insults. Though he called the act “dangerous”, what we are wondering is that why he did not delete the tweet. Point to ponder upon, right?