Hrithik Roshan’s diet for the Agneepath bod

Hrithik had to completely change his workout routine and work extremely hard to get that shape for his role in Agneepath. His trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, explains how Hrithik had to go into an extreme regime to get his muscles extremely toned for Vijay Chauhan’s role in Agneepath. His diet was a super protein diet with 12 egg whites, 2 loafs of brown bread, a protein shake, nuts, corn flakes with milk and fruit platter for breakfast. Two roti, green vegetables, 1 whole chicken (during the day), dal, caesar salad, fish platter for lunch. Protein shake, egg white sandwich or fruit plate for snacks. For dinner he had 6-8 egg whites, brown bread, 1/2 chicken or fish with stir-fried vegetables Caesar salad during workout and 1 banana. Now we are waiting to watch the film on the big screen and see if it is worth all the effort.