Is Aamir Khan trying to run down RA.One?

A week after its mega-release, Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One continues to mint millions at the box office. Though SRK’s magnum opus is doing very well commercially, the film has received mixed reviews from both critics and audience. But a certain perfectionist of B-town is keeping a close watch on how RA.One is faring at the BO. Yes, Aamir Khan is scrutinising RA.One’s increasing collections with every passing day and SRK is not particularly happy with Aamir’s affinity with the number game. We all know that Aamir’s film, 3 Idiots is considered to have netted close to Rs 400 crore along with rave reviews and now RA.One, boosted by the SRK fever is inching closer to that mark. While we believe that people are simply spreading rumours to widen the rift between the two Khans and RA.One presents the perfect opportunity to do so. But we sincerely hope that all is well between the two, after all, Aamir and SRK are the cornerstones of the industry!

RA.One fails to beat Bodyguard’s opening week box office collection