Is Anil Kapoor being biased towards Hollywood?

Actor Anil Kapoor says despite their rising presence in the West, Indian actors are yet to make it big in Hollywood. “Nobody has really tasted success there (in Hollywood) yet, while living here (in India). It’s like an ocean there. There are thousands of directors there unlike here. Here, the pool of talent is very limited,” the actor said in a recent interview. His Hollywood journey so far has been humble. “Any celeb with global success (there) is so down to earth and so humble. When you meet them, you feel you are the celebrity. Their thinking is very global, whether in terms of films, content or attitude,” said Kapoor, whose role model is Clint Eastwood. “In India, people give the impression they know everything. In Hollywood, they have a childlike quality in them to know more about everything they don’t,” he added. While we think Mr Kapoor maybe right to some extent but making a blanket statement about everyone in the country is stretching it too far.

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