Is Madhuri Dixit’s marriage in trouble?

While Madhuri Dixit has been tweeting quite excitedly about shifting base to India in the month of October, some rumour mongers have been saying that Madhuris’ wedding with Dr Shriram Nene is in trouble and the actor is moving back so she can be close to family. What we were wondering is this: why would Dr Nene move back to India with his wife if there was trouble brewing? Also, Madhuri sounds quite positive: “Excited! Should be back in Mumbai by middle of October,” she tweeted recently. On the other hand, there is also speculation that Madhuri’s trip to India might get delayed due to some issues with the visa of the senior members of the Nene family. The actor moved to the US in 1999 after her marriage and has been living there for the last 11 years. Her sudden decision to shift to India therefore has come as a huge surprise. Honestly, we just hope that all is well in Madhuri’s paradise!