Is ‘Mausam’ release delay a publicity gimmick?

The release in delay of Pankaj Kapoor’s directorial debut film Mausam has surely generated a lot of curiosity. While the makers of the film stated that Indian Air Force had demaned a few changes within the film before it was released, industry insiders feels that it could all be a marketing gimmick. The producers also stated that they had taken the approval from the IAF at the scripting stage itself and making changes at the last moment was impossible. The buzz in the industry is that the film’s team’s defiant stand may have been a publicity stunt to generate curiosity for the film. And why not? In the recent past, films like Aarakshan and Ready ran into trouble right before its release. Controversies ensured a decent opening for both the films. Another theory that is doing the rounds is that the team needed time to put final touches to the movie and the postponement gave them ample time to do so. Whatever the truth is, we hope the film is worth the wait.