Is Rohit Shetty happy with Singham?

Wed, November 30, 2011 1:10pm IST by

A DVD made Rohit Shetty change tracks. The director decided to jump on to action after a string of comedies. So, which dvd changed Rohit’s mind? We find out what went behind the scenes of Singham. What went into the making of this movie? Was Rohit happy to make an action flick? To begin with, Kajal Aggarwal wasn’t Rohit’s first choice. It was Anushka Sharma. So, what went wrong? Rohit also talks about his obsession with blowing up cars, reveals the secret behind how he manages to make movies in a short period of time and tells us whether he will ever work without Ajay Devgn. Want to know what all happened in this candid chat? Then, read on…

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