Jagjit Singh health update: Recovering well

Mon, October 3, 2011 4:05pm IST by
Jagjit Singh health update: Recovering well

Fans of ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh can heave a sigh of relief. The veteran singer is well on the road to recovery. Jagjit had been admitted to a Mumbai hospital on September 23 after suffering a brain haemorrhage. He underwent several surgeries and was treated in the Intensive Care Unit. While he is still in the ICU, his condition is now stable. Jagjit is well-known for his contribution to Bollywood with his ditties such as Hoshwalon ko khabar kya (Sarfarosh), Badi nazuk hai yeh manzil (Joggers’ Park) and Hothon se choo lo tum (Prem Geet). We know you are anxious to know how your idol is doing and we’ll update you as soon as we know more about Jagjit’s condition.

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  • simran

    thanks for your update about jagjitji’s health. I had been very very worried about him. May God bless him and make him fit and fine.

  • adv.v.muralikrishnaiyer

    I and my family do prey for jagjitsingji’s quickest recovery.May almighty bless jagjitji very very good health.
    He is the one and only emperor of Gazels,Bajans,&film songs.
    Ofcourse i cannot be VIVEKJI but jagjitji i and my family is with you.I do know that crores of families are praying for you.Just like squiral which helped lord SRIRAMAJI i am aware that i am a squiral.Nothing will happen to you jagjitji as lord want you to sing for years,the glory name.We cannot see music but we feel it through you.

  • jagjit fan

    We all should pray for Jagjit Sir’s health.

  • chitra

    he is like my guru,his voice is like music from heart,if u listen his gazals, u will understand life.my all best wishes for his health, god bless him

    • waqar

      total true
      pray for him

  • waqar

    He is a fighter. He will come back for sure.
    we all will hear his voice again
    Get well soon PA GEE.

  • ashutosh

    get well soon jagjit ji………..

  • Kanu Ashish

    I grew up with the enchanting voice of Jailit Singh. His voice is full of life and I won’t allow God to take him away from us till I’m breathing.

  • Dr.Hussain

    Jagjit…! please come back to us. please… lots of heartdly prayers for u. just come back jagjit…

  • Priyanshi

    Jagjit uncle, I want to listen you at a Live Concert soooon! Hope your health will recover very soon.

  • Naresh Dhiman

    Jagjit Pray for a very healthy and long life for you. Wish to listen to you in Houston TX, soon.

    • Deepak Saxena

      i wish a very healthy and fruitful life for ustad jagjit singh.i pray you recover fast and sing again.deepakrajni.

  • suman lata bisht

    May the almighty bless Jagjit ji with healthy and long life ahead.

  • http://www.harjeetmendi.com Harjeet Mehndi

    I’m great pujari of Jagjit singh Ji
    I’m vocalist. and professionally
    I’m singer and performer.and I starred my singing with one of he’s ghazal .huzur aap ka bhi ehtraam karta chalu’n.that was first song of my life and my performance .so you can tell how much I love Jagjit Ji .I also met him couple of time too.and I always bin praying for his good health and i will always will be praying for him for rest of my life.god bless jagjit singh ji and his fans

  • shailendra singh

    may god give u a speedy recovery so dat v again able 2 hear dat velvety voice which is so close 2 evry emotinal heart…………….sir v need u

  • Pawan Mediratta

    Its wonderfull newss. Ultimately almighty waheguru is kind to pleaase Padam Vibhushan Jagjitji fans. The day he was in hospital I am praying for his good health and is constant touch with his nereby to get latest update as myself and family are well known to Jagjitji. I wish his full recovery soon so he is back to normal life so that we can again listen to his MAKHMALI VOICE. BOSS GET WELL SOON.

  • Farouk Datoo

    I have been praying for Jagjit Singh’s recovery since I heard about his sickness on September 23, 2011. I could not sleep all night on the night of September 23, 2011.

    I pray for his speedy recovery. May God Shower Upon him, His
    Choicest Blessings! – Ameen!

    Farouk Datoo.


      I have been praying for Jagjit Singh’s recovery since I heard about his sickness on September 23, 2011. I could not sleep all night on the night of September 23, 2011.

      I pray for his speedy recovery. May God Shower Upon him, His
      Choicest Blessings! – Ameen You will get well sooon!


  • Nitin Gokarn

    I sincerely hope Jagjit Singhji recovers fast. May Almighty be kind to him and his thousands of fans. He has enthralled music lovers for generations. I have very fond memories of Singh sahab and have been his fan for over 25 years
    I went to Lilavati but could not meet him / see him .Girija Shankar the actor was taking names of visitors.

  • kanu.ashish 9719279719

    I read these pages regularly. I’m a great Fan of THE GHAZAL KING JAGJIT SINGH. and want to know about his health updates here everyday.
    All of us pray God to get THE GHAZAL KING well.
    We’re waiting to listen to his enchanting voice again in a Live Concert.

  • Mandip Singh

    God Please for all of us Give Him speedy recovery. Coz we love him a lot then any other.& we want listen him once again in the live concerts.

  • kanu.ashish 9719279719

    I’m sorry for the GHAZAL KING JAGJIT SINGH is not with us physically. Still his Enchanting Voice is Immortal for ever.
    May God grant his Soul a deep peace.