John Abraham packs a punch in Force?

After an eight year long career, John Abraham gets into a hardcore action genre performing stunts that very few in the industry can– minus protective cables! Says John Abraham “After this film I think people will find me in the action hero slot and find John Abraham as an action hero. When you see Force you will know what action I am talking about. It is real action, simply amazing. Action director Allan Amin says, he has not shot this kind of action in 27 years of his career” Apart from lifting a bike weighing a whopping 150 kgs,John also jumps from 150 ft height on an air bag without using any cables – “I had not attempted any action film after Dhoom; so my audience, my fans were a little disappointed with me because I was not doing any action films. Quite a few people pointed out to me on many occasions: ‘You have the physique, you have the strength, then why don’t you attempt a hard core action film?’ So I thought I should go for it,” adds John. The verdict of the fans will be out this weekend.

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