Kannada producers feel foolish about banning Nikita

The ban imposed on Kannada actor Nikita Thukral by the Kannada producers for being responsible for marital discord between actor Darshan and his wife was lifted. The question now being raised is why actor Darshan himself has not been banned. The withdrawal came three days after Nikita was banned for an alleged affair with Kannada star Darshan, who is now in jail for assaulting his wife Vijayalakshmi. The producers who effectively held her responsible for marital discord in the Darshan household now concede it was unnecessary. Kannada Producers’ Association Muniratna Naidu said, “We admit now that the ban was foolish. We’ve wronged an actress who was good and kind hearted.” Nikita, who has been keeping a low profile till now, reacted with a sigh of relief.