Karan Johar feels no need to talk about his personal life

Karan Johar loves to put his celebrity guests in ‘hot seat’ and grill them on controversial stories. For a change, the filmmaker landed in a similar situation on Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable. Despite being a self-confessed sucker for romantic films, KJo’s love life has always been openly talked about. One hasn’t even heard a murmur in the form of a link-up. And often his sexual orientation has been fodder for chinwag. On the show, Simi Garewal without any qualms questioned the director on that. Karan answered that initially such gossip affected him, but he got used it over time. However he strongly feels there is no need to give out details of his personal life to anyone! So, he can live with the unending speculation over his love interests.