Karan Johar impressed by Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One

It could be a biased review but King Khan’s superhero flick knocks the socks off his friend KJo, who after watching the film, compares it’s with stuff that is Hollywood forte. Spreading the good word about a friend’s film is a Bollywood tradition, so we weren’t one bit surprised when Shahrukh Khan’s dear friend and filmmaker Karan Johar was going gaga about how great the film was. An over-enthusiastic Johar took to Twitter, the moment he stepped out the screening of RA.One. His first tweet was, “I just saw RA1! Adrenalin pumping and the best computer graphics India has ever seen!!! It’s a MEGA BLOCKBUSTER super hero ride!! OUTSTANDING.” He soon followed it up with an appreciation for the director and the special effects team saying, “the SFX team at red chillies and anubhav have proven that Indian cinema can match and overtake the technology of the west!!!” As KJo is one of those very close to the Badshah, please wait till we give you an unbiased review.