KJo opens up about SRK

The latest Bollywood denizen on Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable is the multi-talented filmmaker Karan Johar. And this time he is in the hot seat and being grilled. So when Simi Garewal asked him about friendships in B-town, the filmmaker was candid. KJo said, “It’s a dinosaur, umm, it’s definitely a dying breed because I don’t think people have the bandwidth emotionally to sustain friendships in our industry. You cannot have an equal connection with anyone. Somewhere if you play the subservient part you maintain a friendship – there is no such thing as an equal friendship. Two powerful people cannot be friends. There will have to be one of them who takes a back seat …and that’s invariably me, let me tell you. I am friendly with one of the most powerful people (read Shahrukh Khan) in the industry but I am, definitely am, subservient in that relationship. I definitely take a back seat. I become the humble friend and that’s how I make it work. It’s not going to happen otherwise.”