Kunal Kapoor back from Pondicherry!

It’s been long and there has been absolutely no buzz about Don 2 actor Kunal Kapoor. The actor had taken off to Pondicherry exploring his hidden talents and to keep himself occupied. According to rumours, the actor is back in town after the two week long trip.

Kunal Kapoor took off to Auroville on the outskirts of Pondicherry to work with a theatre group he admired. The theatre company, Adishakti makes use of music and movement in all their performances. So Kunal hit down south to work with the company for some time. When quizzed about the same the Don 2 actor excitedly quipped, “I have been wanting to work with them for a while. Fortunately the opportunity came up, so I packed my bags and headed to Pondicherry as soon as I could”. Ask him if a play is in the offing and he says “I’d love to do theatre, but it requires a certain commitment in terms of time, which I can’t give right now. But hopefully sometime soon.”