Ladies vs Ricky Bahl quick movie review: Ranveer Singh is charming!

Our critic is watching Ladies vs Ricky Bahl right now and she is pretty bewitched by with Ranveer Singh. Otherwise the film is predicable, she says, since we already know the plot from the trailers.Well we shall know the whole story after the film ends. As of now, here is what she said, “It’s interesting mainly because of Ranveer Singh’s charm just enough to keep him well balanced on the line between heroism and villainy. Storywise not so gripping since we know the plot from the trailer. Suspense is lost. Anushka Sharma intro just before interval. She has been only showing bubbly side so far in two scenes and one song.” So, will you watch Ladies vs Ricky Bahl this weekend? Watch this space for full review.


LADIES VS RICKY BAHL: All you need to know about Ranveer-Anushka’s new movie