Ladies vs Ricky Bahl quick movie review: Ranveer Singh is charming!

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl quick movie review: Ranveer Singh is charming!

Our critic is watching Ladies vs Ricky Bahl right now and she is pretty bewitched by with Ranveer Singh. Otherwise the film is predicable, she says, since we already know the plot from the trailers.Well we shall know the whole story after the film ends. As of now, here is what she said, “It’s interesting mainly because of Ranveer Singh’s charm just enough to keep him well balanced on the line between heroism and villainy. Storywise not so gripping since we know the plot from the trailer. Suspense is lost. Anushka Sharma intro just before interval. She has been only showing bubbly side so far in two scenes and one song.” So, will you watch Ladies vs Ricky Bahl this weekend? Watch this space for full review.


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  • Praveen Gautam

    mast movie hai yaar 1st day 1st show………..

  • Ranbir Kher

    Review by Ranbir Kher

    Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl….

    I give it 3 stars

    movie has nice and diffrent con story..
    In this movie.. A Boy, whose name is Sunny (Ranveer Sinh) is con a rich girl of a delhi by his full proof plan
    he tell her he fell in love with her.. and after that con her and get 20 lacs rs.
    after that he con a girl of Lucknow and tell his name Ikbal, then con a girl of mumbai by his differnt and fool proof plans ,
    his different looks….and different names
    but the ladies who conned by A boy whose names are Sunny, ikbal , Deven etc.
    are come to know that his name is Ricky Bahl and he is one who conned them
    so they meet each other and plan to Con him by
    A con girl named Ishika (Anushka Sharma)….
    ladies make fool proof plan to con him by Ishika…but during this plan Anushka fall in love with him
    and after that ” you have to watch in theatre…..”

    it’s a nice movie, new story and Ranveer had done very good acting in a movie…
    movie is never unbalance at any point of story,
    a story of this movie is about con man and girl… so Audiance are very attract to this movie
    and they wil like this movie….
    little comedy bit also love story apart of this movie…