LOVE WRINKLE FREE quick movie review: Cute indie film sans gimmicks!

Sandeep Mohan’s directorial venture starring Ash Chandler and Shernaz Patel is an entertaining watch… so far

Script is indeed king. Love Wrinkle Free has had no big promotional activities, big names attached to it or any rural item numbers, but in the end, it still touches you the way few films this year have done. Our reviewer (the same one who had his brains addled last week with Department) caught a show of LWF at a local theatre and couldn’t help but rave to us how much he was enjoying it. He texted us during the interval, “LWF is a cute indie film about a couple going through mid life crisis and their daughter who is dealing with an identity crisis. It’s a slice of life film sans any gimmicks. All main characters are wonderfully cast. The use of music is commendable. Ash Chandler is stellar as the manager of an underwear company. There is a great twist at the end of the first half. So far too good!”

We can only hope LWF lives up to its promise in the second half too. We’ll keep you posted!