‘Mausam’ is essentially a Shahid Kapoor film!

We didn’t expect anything else, but now we have confirmation from our very own critic who is watching Mausam as we write this. The film directed by Pankaj Kapur stars his son Shahid Kapoor, along with Sonam Kapoor. And how could a fond father not focus the spotlight on his own beta? But all that apart, we have always believed that Shahid is an actor to watch no matter what rubbishy production he is part of, and when he is so lovingly and carefully presented, as in Mausam, he just has to excel, right? And he does. According to our gal, who just smsed us, “It’s a slow moving but beautifully crafted love story. And essentially a Shahid Kapoor film. So far all Sonam did is smile n mumble a few words :)” And just as we had decided to go watch it, our critic sent another message: “Now I’m losing my patience. Too slow and a tad boring. They’ve tried to make a classical romance set in the late ’90s. Bizarre!” So, do we watch it or not? You tell us!

MAUSAM Quick Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor scores

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