MOD Quick Movie Review: Slow going, but with a twist

After Rockford and Hyderabad Blues, we all expected great things from director Nagesh Kukunoor. Some duds later (like Bombay to Bangkok), he did do us proud with Dor, but then followed that up with the thud-flop Tasveer 24/7. Now he has come up with Mod, with his fave lady Ayesha Takia, and filmy newbie Rannvijay Singh. This is what our very own critic smsed us as he watched the preview: First half: slow, full of wtf moments, good cinematography. Rannvijay hams full on, acts pansy. Takia looks pretty. Raghuvir Yadav sings two songs. But there is a khatru twist at the interval point.” We wait for the full review from our critic. You can watch this space for a link to the main review tomorrow.


Ayesha Takia: I don’t want to be a bimbette in the background