Navraj Kwatra murder case: Police recovers pornographic CDs

Navraj Kwatra murder case: Police recovers pornographic CDs

Navraj Kwatra, the 65-year-old son of the eminent write Amrita Pritam, was found dead in suspicious circumstances. Police recovered pornographic CDs – featuring struggling Bollywood starlets – from his flat. Kwatra, a photographer, stayed alone at his ground floor flat in LIC Colony in Borivali.

He was strangled to death by two unidentified assailants last Friday. Police investigations also revealed that CCTVs were installed in the flat’s bedroom and bathroom. Condoms (mostly female), Viagra pills and sex toys were also recovered from his apartment. The police are questioning the small time models and struggling Bollywood female actors who featured in the pictures and videos.

Reportedly, some of them have told the police that the Kwatra used to pay them for featuring in video albums and small roles. Police are further investigating the murder.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rudolph.A.Furtado

    The “INDIAN UNDERGROUND PORNOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY” is big business and these porn films are commonly available. Surprised to note that a gentleman of esteemed lineage from an elite literaray family was personally involved in “ILLEGALLY” producing pornographic films.Mr Navraj.Kwatra should have officially started a pornographic business in either Canada, U.S.A, Britain,Germany or Holland to name a few leading producers in Pornographic art movies rather than illegally producing Indian starred pornographic films.Read my blog, “The brothels of Mumbai done after years of research on the Brothel Industry in Mumbai to understand how big a business is prostitution in Mumbai.Sadly Mr Kwatra paid the price of indulging in a illegal business that is no secret to either the law enforcers nor patrons of Indian pornographic art and literature.

    • H.S.Bawa

      But where can I read your blog