Nupur Mehta admits to dating Dilshan!

Ex-Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta recently claimed that cricketers are not part of her friends’ circle when she was accused of fixing the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 semifinal, but now she has revealed that she used to date top Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan.

She said that she stayed at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington in 2009 when several cricketers participating in the T20 tournament were also staying there, but she had no idea who they were and in which room they were. The only cricketer she knew for sure was Dilshan as she was dating him at that time. She insists that there is nothing wrong in knowing a cricketer and it’s unfair to base an allegation on any former relationships of hers. We agree, but then Nupur, why did you not mention it the first time around? Why did you stick to saying you don’t know any cricketers at all?

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