PAAN SINGH TOMAR actor threatened!

Mamata Patel recently threw a party to celebrate the success of Paan Singh Tomar and reaffirm that she too was part of the film when Irrfan is taking away all the praise. But it seems someone wants to throw a spanner in her plans. The actor has complained to the Mumbai police that she received a threatening call from an unknown entity. The caller insisted that Mamata stop spreading negative stories about Irrfan. For the past few days, Mamata had been complaining that Paan Singh Tomar director Tigmanshu Dhulia and Irrfan had promised her a better role when they signed her for the film, but in the end, she got a raw deal. The caller, it seems, didn’t take her statement lightly and ordered her to stop saying such things about Irrfan. The caller allegedly claimed that if she didn’t stop, she would have to face dire consequences. The police has registered a non-cognisable offence against the caller and investigations are on.