Poonam Pandey to launch her raunchy website

Poonam Pandey, who claims to be a model and wannabe actor, is finally all set to launch her website, through which she will try to prove herself as a hot property in every possible way. Poonam was able to attract critics as well as the junta when she claimed she would go nude for the cricketers if India won the World Cup. She recently announced the launch of her website on Twitter, by warning kids below 18 not to watch her videos and pictures on the website. She tweeted, “WARNING, 18 and under should not try looking up the Video. I do not take responsibility for anyone under age looking this Video.” Poonam has uploaded a video of herself that shows her bathing in a bikini. As she informs, the website won’t let anyone down, as the video she shared of her bathing was just a trailer. The question is, will people log on to her website?


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