Prateik vows to celibacy until his film, My Friend Pinto releases

Bollywood actors sure have some quirky ideas on how to make their films work at the box office. While some adopt the traditional route and visit shrines, dargahs and temples, Prateik Babbar opts for a whole new and interesting way. The actor promises to go celibate until his film, My Friend Pinto releases. “This is my first solo film and people do so many things before the release of their films. Some visit religious places to seek blessings, some take a vow of giving up certain things. I have decided to go celibate. I’m just 24, it’s my test and I will pass,” said Prateik. The 24-year-old actor has 14 days before his film releases on October 14. Now that shouldn’t be too hard to keep!

(With inputs from agencies)

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