Rajesh Khanna’s ‘Wafaa’ co-star Laila Khan has terror links?

Laila Khan, who was last seen in the Rajesh Khanna-starrer Wafaa, had gone missing last year. While we were thinking that the disaster of her debut film might have embarrassed her so much, that she decided to go off the radar; apparently that wasn’t the case. She had allegedly recced Mumbai in 2011 along with her stepfather, sister and a family friend, and provided maps and photographs from the trip to the Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which was then planning a terror attack on the city. Laila’s vehicle was reportedly used to ferry explosives for a bomb blast at the Delhi High Court in September 2011. We heard that she was accompanied by her sister Azmina Patel, her stepfather Asif Sheikh and her family friend Parvez Iqbal Tak, who allegedly had links with LeT militants. Wethinks this is shocking and her Wafaa co-star will be very unhappy to learn about this development.

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