Ramesh Sippy drags brother Suresh Sippy in court over property dispute

Ramesh Sippy, director of the legendary film Sholay has moved to Bombay high court against his own brother Suresh Sippy. The Sippy brothers, we hear, are entangled in a family feud over property. Ramesh Sippy is claiming rights over a 2,500 square feet flat worth Rs 20 crore on Altamont Road in Mumbai. Ramesh has accused his brother’s family of being illegal occupants or trespassers of the sprawling flat in the plush South Mumbai neighborhood. The renowned director has demanded that the HC appoint a court receiver and pay him interim compensation. Ramesh also wants a huge sum of money which he would have otherwise earned as rent from the property. Film producer G P Sippy, Ramesh’s father, had bought the flat in 1971 before Ramesh left the production firm that made Sholay. Ramesh maintains that after his mother Mohini died in 2010, he had not given permission to his brother to occupy the flat.