Rani Mukerji’s brother Raja Mukerkji’s cellphone being checked by cops

Rani Mukerji’s brother and director/producer Raja Mukerji’s troubles are far from over. After he was released on bail on Monday (October 15) over allegations of molestation made by television actor Priya Mishra, the Mumbai police are now gathering more evidence against him. Reportedly, his cellphone is being checked to search for messages that he sent to Priya.

According to the police, Priya told them in her complaint that Raja had sent her text messages from his phone, apologising for his behaviour after he tried allegedly molested the actor in his car. It was reported that Raja met Priya at a local coffee shop on Sunday after which he took her in his car to a deserted spot in a nearby area and tried to take advantage of her even as she was narrating a script to him. After she turned down his advances and left, Raja apparently messaged Priya several times apologising for the indecent behaviour. The cops have already sent him for medical tests, and are now in the process of building a case against him. Keep reading this space for more updates.