Rina Golan’s letter to Shahrukh Khan creates a stir in B-town

Casting couch is not a new issue in Bollywood, and now Jerusalem-born, New York-raised Rina Golan, has created a stir by accusing industry veterans Subhash Ghai, Anup Jalota, Anees Bazmee and even Dr Ali Irani in her 119-page biography, where she claims they have all asked her for sexual favours. The book, Dear Mister Bollywood is said to be a letter to Shahrukh Khan which spins off into Rina’s life story of her struggle to survive and her hunger to succeed, but not at any price. Golan claims that her love for Bollywood has not diminished because of her experiences. “My book is about Shahrukh Khan. I needed to reach out to him. I fell in love with India, Bollywood and SRK,” said Rina, adding, “Yes, I have had some good and some bad experiences in the industry. But that is life. None of this has changed my feelings about the country. I still love India, Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan.” Golan however says her book is not just about the casting couch but also about “Courage, honesty and integrity,” and that she intends to find her “dream life” in the city.


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