Salman Khan will not play Mogambo in ‘Mr India’ sequel!

It’s raining sequels in Bollywood and looks like we will keep going back to the evergreen movies of the ’80s and ’90s. Lately the sequel of Anil Kapoor’s Mr India is in talks. It will be directed by brother Boney Kapoor and his wifey Sridevi (who was there in the first part) will play the female lead in the movie. Buzz is that Boney Kapoor’s son, Arjun Kapoor will be introduced as the new protagonist. So, when is this sequel expected? 2012? 2013? No, it’s 2014. “I’ve waited and I will wait for another two years because there are certain rights of the film that others hold. The terms of those rights come to an end in 2014. So, that’s the best time to start on the sequel without any legal glitches that may crop up if I try to start the project now,” Boney Kapoor said in an interview. And do you know who will play the menacing villain? Salman Khan! But Sallu bhai won’t be competing with Amrish Puri’s iconic Mogambo. Instead, he will play an entirely new character. Hmm, Mr India without the proverbial Mogambo. Do you think that will work?


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