Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan find another reason to fight

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan find another reason to fight

It all began one night in 2008 at a birthday party, of all places. Three years later, the Salman Khan – Shahrukh Khan war seems to be a never-ending affair. The newest addition to the war-ground is Salman’s sister, Alvira. We wonder what was on Alvira’s mind when she updated her status on her Blackberry and said, ‘Even a superhero needs a Bodyguard!’ Was this Alvira’s brainchild? Or did Salman urge her to put up such a status message? That is still a mystery. Now we’ll have to see if Shahrukh Khan – who has been hoping for some downtime after hectic RA.One promotions – will let it go or jump back into the limelight with a wittily sarcastic reply.


Shahrukh Khan is ‘criminal’, Salman is a ‘good boy’

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  • mukesh

    “Went to see Ra.One with no expectations. Was stopped by random people at Inox, discouraging us. Including a charming old lady,” tweets filmmaker Pritish Nandy, who also went to see the film.
    Similar reports emerged from other prominent multiplexes in South and Central Mumbai, with people tweeting similar experiences.

  • boxoffice

    from 2007 to 2011,in last 5 years
    salman has 3 all time blockbuster films
    dabangg, ready and bodygaurd.
    1 blockbuster film partner.
    1 superhit film wanted.
    in 5 years salman has 5 mega blockbusters.

    while srk has 3 blockbuster.
    1 average success MNIK
    1 flop billu
    2 disaster films dulha mil gaya and raone.