Shahrukh Khan denies ‘assault’ on Shirish Kunder

Shahrukh Khan denies ‘assault’ on Shirish Kunder

In a surprising turn of events, Shahrukh Khan has denied that he assaulted Farah Khan’s husband, filmmaker Shirish Kunder. Both Farah and her husband have gone on record confirming the assault so it is strange that King Khan denies the same. Talking about SRK’s attack, Kunder told a tabloid that “I was totally unprepared for this kind of an attack. If I was standing in some area where I would expect some goondaism, I would have been better prepared. But this is a classy party. Who would expect someone to jump on you from behind?” The director adds that Sanjay Dutt and Baba Dewan intervened to stop SRK’s attack. “I walked out of the party after that. He is taking out his personal frustrations on anyone he comes across.” We are waiting for an official statement about this incident from SRK. Watch this space for more.

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  • anushka

    of course he must have done something to provoke srk
    if witnesses like dabboo ratnani being there has taken to twitter to declare that he supports srk for what he did, n many other reports stating that shirish was following srk around provoking him. it’s clear that srk is not to be blamed in the story

    even more proof if from ameesha patel who DESPITE BEING FARAH KHAN friend has admited on twitter that shirish should not have spoken about srk like this in public .being farah frnd she wud hv supported her if srk was wrong but thumbs up to HER for supporting the truth :
    way to go ameesha for being brave enough to say the truth

  • satish

    this was bound 2 happen for shirish why did he comment about our raone he got what he deserved