Shahrukh Khan offends differently-abled girl

The RA.One actor is on a promotion over-drive for his ambitious superhero film and during an event he unintentionally ended up hurting a girl who was a part of the audience. Speaking at the event, he said he is keen to act in Tamil movies but only in a ‘dumb’ character because he did not know the language and it would be difficult to deliver dialogues with perfection. SRK used the word  casually but it landed him in trouble here after a differently-abled girl took objection to it, prompting him to apologise and correct himself. Promptly apologising, Khan asked Jayashree for the right word to be used to refer people with speech impairment and she suggested “you can use the word mute.” Later, Khan also expressed his thanks to superstar Rajinikanth for accepting his offer to play a cameo role in Ra.One, which will be simultaneously released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on Diwali.