Shahrukh Khan patches up with Shirish Kunder

In a surprising turn of events, the Shahrukh Khan-Shirish Kunder slapgate has been put to rest, thanks to Farah Khan’s brother, filmmaker Sajid Khan. While everyone was expecting things to turn uglier, especially because Salman Khan’s name was also dragged into the alleged controversy, it seems that good sense prevailed as the ugly fight has now come to an end. Confirming the news, Shirish Kunder posted a message on Twitter, “Shahrukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good.” He quickly followed it up with, “Some incidents in our life when resolved makes relationships stronger than they were ever before.” The patch up happened at SRK’s home, Mannat. We are now waiting for Sajid Khan to put an end to the Shahrukh Khan-Salman Khan battle which has been on for a very long time. Don’t you think so?

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