Shahrukh Khan talks to his Bangalore fans in Kannada

Shahrukh Khan can be called as the ‘marketing King Khan’ nowadays, as he is busy with the promotion of his upcoming RA.One and that too with very unusual and creative ideas of promotion. SRK is currently on a multi-city promotional tour, and he was in Silicon City on Sunday. He proved his tricks to be the best by greeting his fans from Bangalore by talking in Kannada with them. SRK started his speech with “Namaskaara”. Further in his speech, he used some Kannada words and phrases like “Bengaluru chennagidhe” (Bangalore is a beautiful city), “Oota aayitha?” (Have you had lunch?) and “Chennagidhdheera?” (How are you, are you okay?). Shahrukh also talked about the cameos by Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Rajinikanth in RA.One. SRK’s Kannadiga fans were happy to see him talking in their language.